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  • Great Brands.

    We are representing a prestigious brand with qualified products from many countries of manufacture. Providing a proven quality, design, and safety for such hazardous plant. Covering for field instrumentation, system of controls, mechanical and electrical as well.

  • Product Support.

    We dedicated some talented and experienced team to support our sales & projects activity, providing detail quotation, detail information what we offer, manufacture data record for running projects, and all the documentation which be needed by customer. All the activities are supported under “product & support division”.

  • Quality Services.

    We dedicated product engineers, application engineer, field technician, to serve surveying, after sales service, installation and commissioning for our product has been supplied, on going projects or projects which still under our warranty.

  • Customers.

    We dedicated our “sales Department” to serve many ranges of customers. Each sales involve will do activities focus to account markets and customers. We have an experience sales force to make customer easier to communicate, express what they need, and getting our price proposal immediately.


We buit up the activities for supplying best products, technical advises, designing, trouble shooting, after sales service, all for customer satisfaction by deliver our motto “LET’S GROW TOGETHER”

Oil & Gas






  • “Tell us your requirement, we will deliver our offering.”
    “Sales Department - RBT TEAM”
  • “Something not clear on the specification, please directly to tell us.”
    “Product Support Department – RBT TEAM”
  • “Technical problem occur, not so difficult for us to come in 24 hours or less than 48 hours.”
    Technical Department - RBT TEAM”
Head Office

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Warehouse Address

Komp. Ruko Kranggan Permai, Blok 10-03.
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