We are supplying and engineering services, supply for Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentations Products complete with supervision, installations and commissioning, we are also providing many kind of project services.

More About Us

It is our great pleasure to introduce our company and provide an information of our products, operations, and our future destination.

We are a domestic private company which was estabilished for specialist in providing Instrumentation, Mechanical & Electrical products. Our major segment markets are Oil&Gas, Petrochemical, Power Plant, Fertilizer, Mining, Pharmaceutical, cement, and many other industries, include involve in projects for new plant in Indonesia.
We are working together with many international manufacturers with a great brand, fully tested products under international quality controls. This make our products very trusted to be installed in many range of customer plants, from safe area to hazardous area.

In order to satisfy our customers, we have dedicated our company not only supplying the best quality of products, but including consistently technical advises, trouble shooting, installation and commisioning, and after sales service.

Vision & Mission

Become a company who will bring improvement of performance and reability of existing plants and new project plants owned by our customer. End destination will be a piece of parts who participate to bring Indonesia be a successfull country.

Company History

In 2005 is the first year of operating, supply for general products such MV Panel, general instrumentation, telecommunications, air condition maintenance and services under “CV. Rande Buana Smart”. The positive growth of national economic, customer’s need expanding, willing to provide better service to customer, all become a reason we moved to the next level and more focus to agency products and representing prestigous brands or manufacturers under “PT. Rande Buana Teknik”.

Company Philosophy

We buit up the activities for supplying best products, technical advises, designing, trouble shooting, after sales service, all for customer satisfaction by deliver our motto “Let’s Grow Together”

Principal Presentation Video

Office Activities

We regularly conduct meeting to figure out problem, way out and invite principal to brief technical of the products.

Coordination Meeting

Coordination Meeting

Product Inspection

Product Inspection

Product & Sales Training

Product & Sales Training